Forbes Bros Orientation Videos by Focus Communications

Forbes Bros Orientation Videos

The Forbes Bros. Group of Companies has over 40 years of experience constructing power infrastructure projects across North America. They provide engineering, procurement, and construction services at their core.

We were tasked with creating several videos to illustrate orientation material such as policies and safety guidelines in a way that would be more engaging to the viewers. Historically, orientation has been done through PowerPoint presentations that outline the information in a step-by-step approach. The slideshow has grown substantially, making it difficult to watch and retain the information in one sitting.


Present material in a clear, concise way that is informative and interesting, that would encourage the viewers to participate and listen to the material.

Joe and Jane cable

Our Approach

Storyboard pages laid out
Forbes Module C - Joe & Jane with crew

The use of video enables the transfer of information in a more dynamic way. Let’s engage the audience by making the information memorable through the use of scenarios that convey important lessons and information in an entertaining way.

By using this approach, we are using the power of storytelling to explain the issues and policies outlined instead of reading a bulleted list of information.

We used live action video clips with animated cartoon characters superimposed as the narrator tells the story for each module. This makes the videos easy to be used at any location as they are not specific to one job site, just specific to North America.

Forbes Module D - Work site elements
Forbes Module D - Joe checking drivers log
Forbes Module D - Joe buckles his seatbelt

As an overall approach, we recommend creating a series of video modules, with corresponding testing at the end of each, to convey the orientation information.

Forbes Module A - Joe & Jane Celebrate

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