Edmonton Air Show by Focus Communications

Edmonton Air Show

Client: RWE Events

A blend of traditional and digital marketing (with a heavy focus on social) draws thousands of fans over a two-day weekend.

It started in 2015.

Edmonton had not had an airshow since 2003, because the area no longer had a suitable venue. After 12 years, the old airshow was a forgotten brand that had disappeared from the scene. And those who remembered the old show didn’t want to replace their memories with something new.

Despite these facts, RWE Events chose to bring back the show. RWE Events uncovered a little-known cargo airport in Villeneuve, 35 kilometres from the city. We enticed crowds to this outlying airfield for a new spectacle. We did it with our original mix of marketing, communications, PR, social media, graphic design, and event management. We looked after everything: pilots, ticket sales, beer tent, sponsorship, etc.

Both days had sold-out shows with more than 25,000 fans attending a brand-new event on an unknown airfield. Now, every August is airshow time.