Alberta International Airshow by Focus Communications

Alberta International Airshow

Client: Alberta International Airshow

A blend of traditional and digital marketing (with a heavy focus on social) draws thousands of fans over a two-day weekend.

The 2023 Alberta International Airshow came roaring onto the scene after a notable Airshow absence over the past few years due to weather circumstances. Focus Communications successfully rebranded the Airshow from the Edmonton Airshow to the Alberta International Airshow and created a brand new and easy-to-use website where customers could directly buy tickets, and worked with Showpass to provide an exceptional ticketing experience.

Focus Communications produced a Television commercial for the Airshow in-house and generated significant interest from the media, which published many print, digital, and Television stories about the Airshow. 

Focus Communications also managed the Alberta International Airshow social media channels; we developed eye-catching social media content and responded to customer inquiries.

Our marketing and communications strategies led to a massive turnout on both days.


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