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Why your company should undergo a Communications Audit

I recently finished a couple of communications audits for clients and I felt I should share why they are a good idea, and why your company or organization should consider investing in one.

What is a Communications Audit?

A communications audit is where a third party (like Focus!) goes through an inventory of your communications channels, whether that means posters, mass emails, PowerPoints, websites, or other methods, and analyzes how well they are written/designed and how well they are working to reach your audience.

Why is that valuable?

Many companies and organizations continue to use mediums that they have always used because…they don’t know why. They are already set up, people know how to use them, “we don’t want to create extra work,” or whatever the reason may be – people don’t question their methods. Having an unbiased third party analyze the success rate of your methods and review the content, spelling, design appeal, and more allows you to know if what you are putting out could be updated to be just that much better.

So, then what?

At the end of the audit, we provide recommendations. Things you can do that will improve your communications, internal or external, and improve your engagement with your audience(s). We can work with you to make the fixes, or you can do them on your own, but you will have a solid foundation to make changes and understand the value of the changes.

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