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Communicating to Win

Allan Thygesen spoke at Google Marketing Live last week. His message was clear. Companies should anticipate to win. Addressing digital marketing representatives at the event, he noticed three variables holding companies back from winning: siloed organizations, siloed incentives, and siloed KPIs.

A siloed mindset can be incredibly damaging–to the organization and to employees. It leads to interdepartmental turf wars, bitterness, and resentment.

Leaders can compartmentalize or separate departments. Doing so creates frenzy. How can you get anywhere when people are tugging in opposite directions and aren’t even talking to each other? It gets worse, when different employees are doing the same job twice. Yikes. That company needs to give it’s head a shake and regroup.

Proper communication and a shared vision can prevent this whole fiasco. When leadership shares its vision with the entire team, everyone can work towards a common goal. If employees are heading in the same direction, they become a force to reckon with. Imagine the power behind that? Your business would be unstoppable. It could win.

“We believe it’s not only possible for every brand to do this, it’s what every brand needs to do to win in today’s environment.”

Allan Thygesen, President of the Americas at Google.

Silos can happen in any company. Communication can prevent that fractured situation. If you own a business, ask yourself what your main goal is. What do you want to achieve this year, and more importantly, is everyone else on the same page?

If your goal is to improve communications, increase sales, or improve your products—let your staff know. Ensure everyone is a part of the conversation. Don’t leave anyone in the dark to brood.

Sharing your vision across departments can set your company on the right path. It separates you from the herd. It allows you to win.

If you need to regroup, we can help. Ask us how today.

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