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Landon Kiltz

Landon Kiltz


Adapting to the Changing Canadian News Landscape in 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, we must reflect on the significant shifts in Canadians’ news consumption habits. According to Statistics Canada, the vast majority of Canadians now rely on the Internet for their news. Furthermore, Leger DGTL has found that 82 per cent of surveyed Canadians have a Facebook account, which you’d think would make an optimal news-sharing platform. However, on August 1, 2023, Meta began ending news availability on its social networks. This was done in response to Bill C-18, passed by the Canadian Government in June, which aimed to compel tech giants like Meta and Google to pay for news content they share on their platforms.

Canadian audiences have been trained to find their news on social media. It’s easy to follow your favourite news outlet on Facebook and receive updates in your feed. Removing news on Facebook means Canadians will have to adjust their consumption habits, a transition that has proven challenging, notably when coinciding with emergencies such as this summer’s devastating forest fires in the Northwest Territories. Evacuees struggled to find up-to-date information on social platforms, and many relied on sharing screenshots from news websites with their friends. This situation underscores the critical role that traditional news sources play during emergencies but also highlights the extent to which Canadians have become reliant on social media for news.

Forrest Fire

So, what can be done to keep up with the news in this changing media landscape?

Alternative Ways of Staying Informed

Canadian News

1. Use Dedicated News Apps

Local media outlets, such as CBC, Global TV, the Edmonton Journal, and CTV, have dedicated apps that you can use to access news on your mobile device. While it’s inconvenient to download yet another app, this is an excellent way of ensuring you’re not cut off from real news.

Apple News and Yahoo News also offer a curated list of Canadian and global news from various mainstream sources, all conveniently accessible within a single app.

2. Bookmark News Websites

You can also add your preferred news outlet’s website to your bookmarks bar on your desktop or mobile and head directly to the site to find your news. Directly accessing the site provides a reliable way to stay updated.

3. Other Social Media Apps

While Facebook and Instagram have removed news access, not all social media apps have. Platforms like Reddit and LinkedIn still enable Canadian news from trusted mainstream sources. People’s feed should not be your primary source of news, as social media has always been ripe for misinformation. Use caution and ensure any news stories you see on social platforms come from verified sources. Don’t forward or share unless it is a verified news story.

Sharing Your Organization’s News


If your organization has exciting news to share, take matters into your own hands and become your own media. Starting a blog on your website is an excellent jumping-off point where you can share information. You can then repost your blog links on your social platforms, drawing users to your website. Since Meta’s restrictions primarily affect news outlets, your organization can continue sharing blog posts on Meta’s platforms and other social platforms with no problems.

Lessons for 2024

2023 has taught Canadians that we need to reexamine news consumption habits in the new year. The challenges brought by removing Canadian news outlet stories from Facebook and Instagram underscore the importance of diversifying our information sources.

If you are an organization looking to start telling your story, contact Focus Communications today and see how we can help! Our expertise can ensure you successfully navigate the evolving media landscape and communicate your message effectively.


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