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You cannot target everyone

When we meet with a new client, we always discuss their target audiences. It is an important first step in the strategic plan and happens before we even think about tactics. Very often, clients say something to the effect of: “well, we really are here for everyone. Our [insert product or service] has a value for anybody.”

No. While the client’s product or service may, indeed, work for many people, targeting your marketing efforts will yield better results.

Target audiences can be hard to nail down, especially when it’s your own business. Clients can be too close to it and because they know that they want to help everyone, they feel that their products and services are for everyone.

Whether you are updating your website, launching a marketing campaign, or re-branding – it is crucial to first identify your target audience and understand them. That means demographics like age, income or education, but also psychographics like interests and personality. You can understand where they live, where they like to visit, and how they engage with media.

These things help us to craft compelling key messages that speak directly to your audiences.

Having this understanding helps drive effective marketing tactics that will both reach your audiences as well as resonate with them.

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