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We’re talking, but we’re not talking

I am going to share an unpopular opinion: I love talking on the phone.

On the phone?! Yes. I know. It’s scandalous. Truthfully, I like calling people because it’s more efficient than texting and way less scripted. I am always analyzing my texts before sending them and re-reading the other person’s message. Did they mean to say that? Are they mad at me?

I know phone calls terrify some people – they like being able to edit things before sending them off. I get it. But with calling, the conversation is natural, feels more connected, the tone of the words is evident, and I can multitask! If I’m texting, I have to focus on it. Actually, one of the (very few) good things to come from COVID is that we are more inclined to video chat people now, so we can hear their voices and see their faces!

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there is no better feeling than avoiding a phone call from someone you don’t feel like talking to; a relative, a chatty friend, your boss (not my boss! She reads these…).

It’s weird how in a time where we are all so connected, we never really talk. So I challenge everyone to pull out your phone and dust off that little used app – Phone – and call someone! We could all stand to have a little less screen time anyway.

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