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Sue Heuman

Sue Heuman

Principal at Focus Communications

The thing about social media

…is that it’s social. For all the scheduling software and tools out there, the challenge remains being a good listener.

Here’s the deal.

Social media is like a telephone. It’s not a billboard. You don’t just “set it and forget it.” Being really great at social means allocating time and resources to listen and respond. Engagement is the name of the game – and that’s a two-way street.

I sometimes hear people say, “just use social media, it’s free.” No, it’s not.

It takes time, creativity, energy, dedication and responsiveness. It means listening and responding to comments, and liking, sharing and commenting on other people’s posts.

“Just schedule all your posts.” No, you don’t.

While scheduling some posts makes sense, you still need to be active on social media every day. To be there when your audience is there.

Look, we often advise our clients that it’s far better to be engaged on one or two platforms – and do them really well – than try to juggle four or five and do them poorly.

So meet your audience where (and when) it is.

And watch your results grow.

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