Sue Heuman, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow - Focus Communications



Sue Heuman, ABC, MC, IABC Fellow

I am so proud to announce that my business partner and wife, Sue Heuman, has been named a Fellow by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). This is an incredible honour that is much deserved. Achieving the IABC Fellow designation requires the individual to have a significant impact, not only on their organization and IABC, but also on the communication profession at large. I can attest to the impact that she has had on me, our organization and literally hundreds of clients and people she has worked with in her career She brings a level of professionalism, ethics and knowledge that inspires me and others.


She has co-owned Focus Communications with me for almost 20 years and has been in the industry for  four decades. She continues to volunteer heavily with IABC, taking on roles at every level of the organization. From her work with the local chapter to some very challenging roles internationally such as global chapter relations task force, Sue has served at all levels in IABC. She was Chair of the Global Communication Certification Council in 2015/16 and currently serves as Chair of the Canada West Region. She has graded awards, mentored other communication professionals and worked with members around the world to make @IABC and the communication profession better.


I am very proud of her and so glad she is receiving the recognition she deserves. Congratulations @Sue Heuman

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