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Restoring Civility to the Work Place

Uncivil behaviour has been escalating in recent years. Not since medieval times has respectful behaviour been so absent. Manners have stood for centuries as the cornerstone of civil society. “Yes, please. No, thank you. It’s my pleasure. How do you do?” Now, signs are posted in offices that have to expressly state that abuse will not be tolerated. Seriously. What happened?! I’m on a mission to bring back respect and courtesy to the workplace. This course helps leaders and staff learn how to deal with difficult situations, and interact better with one another.

What You'll Learn

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New managers can sometimes feel unsure of their approaches. Fear not, this course is designed to help you feel at ease in the C-suite. Fit in and stand out with tips to give memorable presentations and learn the micro manners your colleagues already know.

What You'll Learn

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