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Landon Kiltz

Landon Kiltz


Four Ways CHATGPT and AI Can Help Inspire Your Digital Blog for Free!

Artificial intelligence writing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become quite the topic of discussion lately. This technology is being used everywhere; from making silly YouTube or TikTok videos to writing full University level papers, AI is shaking up many industries. The software is also causing controversy in creative fields and is a contributing factor in the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.

Despite the AI debate, there is a plethora of opportunities for integrating AI into digital marketing strategies.  Google searches for “AI blog writer” are becoming more frequent, with many results boasting to be the best AI blog writing website.

However, in its current capacity, AI writing cannot compete with a strong professional writer. Automatically generated writing often contains monotonous walls of text, trying desperately to emulate the style of others without a voice of its own.

So, I wouldn’t recommend using AI to write your blogs entirely, but it can help enhance the posts on your business website if you use the following tips.

1.    New Content Ideas

New Content CHATGPT

If you’re struggling to develop ideas for your next blog, you can ask CHATGPT for some suggestions. Prompt it by telling the software what industry or general topics you’d like to write about, and the AI will generate a list of different concepts you could explore in your blog.

2.    Research


research CHATGPT

Once you’ve found a topic that interests you and that you’d like to learn more about, you can ask CHATGPT to tell you more about that particular subject. You can also ask it to cite its sources and provide relevant URLs so that you can see where the original information came from to ensure accuracy. While AI is good at providing resources, it sometimes makes mistakes in delivering information.

3.    Keyword ideas

keyword ideas or suggestions CHATGPT

Once you have a chosen subject and have done your research, you can ask CHATGPT to suggest some keywords that may be relevant to your discussion.

keyword help CHATGPT

I think it is worth noting the limitations this has, as you will still need to do your own research to determine the competitiveness and popularity of your keywords. But it can give you an idea of some new keywords to pursue.

4.    General Content check

content CHATGPT

You can ask CHATGPT to look over your work and provide very general thoughts on it. The suggestions can be helpful, but having a communications expert or another set of eyes may be more beneficial to communications expert or another set of eyes; look over your blog post before uploading it.

Remember your manners

Thank you CHATGPT

Don’t forget to say thank you after CHATGPT helped inspire your blog post.


Ultimate thoughts

While AI can be great at coming up with content ideas, beginning the research process, suggesting valuable keywords, and giving your work a general double-check, in its current capacity, it cannot replace the work of a skilled writer. AI writing often gets quite monotonous, repeating the same words and reusing the same writing structure. The software doesn’t have the memories and life experiences that make the writing of experienced wordsmiths so vivid and potent, which transports you to another world through carefully constructed syntax.

While artificial intelligence can’t replace a talented writer, it can greatly assist the writing process!

But if you’re still struggling with creating compelling content for your website, contact us today, and we’ll see how we can help.

Have you ever used AI to inspire any of your blog posts?

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