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Google Ads – Getting You Where You WANT To Go

The elevators have a mind of their own this week. Every ride ensures a grand tour of the CN Tower. The scenic route, if you will. I didn’t request these floors; fellow riders don’t want these floors. The elevator pushes its own buttons and ours at the same time.

In a way, the whole experience reminds me of being indiscriminately targeted for ads. I am not interested in the seventh floor. And yet the elevator insists we stop here. With every failed stop, the stairs start to look good. The bounce rate increases.

We’ve all seen and scrolled past ads that weren’t relevant to us. In the same way I won’t disembark on the seventh floor, why would I engage with an ad that wasn’t meant for me?

Nowadays, we’re blessed with the ability to define our target audiences online. Businesses should be taking advantage! Instead of blanketing ads to the masses, we can fine tune our messaging for the right audience. We can reach different people in varying stages of life. Think diaper ads that reach new parents but not the parents of teenagers. By building your Google Ads campaign on the right foundation, you can target the right people.

Structuring a Google Ads campaign:
  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Ad Groups
  • Ad Sets

To break it down, let’s hop back in the elevator.

We start with the Google Ads account at the foundational level. On the ground level, you have campaign settings. As you go up the elevator, think of each floor as a different ad group. These ad groups are product or service-specific, accessorized with relevant keywords.

If every floor is its own ad group, then every office on that floor represents a different ad. These varying ads can be search or display ads with different copy and designs. Each ad should lead to a relevant page. Every ad should be A/B tested.

While creating digital marketing campaigns, remember to keep your audience in mind. If you’re creating ads for an awareness campaign, you probably shouldn’t be hard selling.

By knowing your customer, you can lead the right person “off the elevator” to find out more about your business. No more indiscriminate ads from you! By setting up your Google Ads account properly, you’ll be reaching the right people. Create relevant ads and your ad spend will go a lot further.

The goal is to create ads that produce a moment of “Ding, ding, ding – THIS is the floor I want!” from bona fide targeted audiences.

Now off you go!

Unless you’d rather Focus Communications do the heavy lifting. If so, get in touch with us here!

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