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Sue Heuman

Sue Heuman

Principal at Focus Communications
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Being Heard

As we emerge from various stages of lockdown, communication professionals will deal with the challenges of partially- or fully-remote workers, technology changes and strained resources.

This, according to the Ragan Communication Benchmark Report 2021, will cause communication professionals to be even more nimble. More on that another day.

The biggest report finding for me, though, relates to the role of communication professionals inside organizations.

Many communication professionals still struggle to be heard at the highest echelons in their organizations. Although it might seem obvious that communication professionals should have full access to the CEO and leadership, we know the reality is that many organizations hold communication professionals back.

Turns out, it takes a pandemic for that to start to change. The report indicates an encouraging number of professionals who said the pandemic was the auspices for them to (finally) get a ‘seat at the table.’

Onward and Upward!
42% stronger relationships with other departments
25% gained seat at table
20% have better access to the CEO
– Ragan Communication Benchmark Report 2021


For all the progress we’ve made as a profession, old attitudes and paradigms still exist. We may start our careers as highly-skilled writers and tacticians, but after years of experience, continuous learning and development, we evolve into voices of wisdom and reason inside our organizations.

“We are no longer the ‘scissors and glue’ people of decades ago, solely responsible for making colourful posters and organizing the company picnic.”

Our strategic advice and counsel helps to build relationships, gain trust, prevent crises and enhance corporate reputations. Smart organizations understand the value of senior level communications advice and tap into it before, during and after decisions are made.

After 40 years as a communication professional, I am encouraged that a shift is happening. Finally.

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