Enoch Cree Nation by Focus Communications

Enoch Cree Nation

Client: Enoch Cree Nation

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A media campaign convinced the Department of National Defence (DND) to meet with the Enoch Cree Nation to discuss a safety crisis.

An access to information request revealed the Yekau Lake area had been a practice air bombing range during World War II. The water showed high levels of lead and arsenic from munitions leaching toxins into the water table. Dangerous remnants could be littering the Nation’s golf course and cultural grounds.

With golf season approaching, the Nation needed to make an immediate and public announcement. Chief and Council immediately closed the Indian Lakes Golf Course and the Enoch Cree Nation Cultural Grounds.

Focus Communications consulted with Enoch Cree Nation Chief, Council and Elders. We identified critical facts and researched the Nation’s history with DND. We presented an accurate story that won Enoch the attention it needed.

We developed key messages and planned a news conference—managing event logistics, preparing spokespeople, presentations, media kits, and supporting documents. We invited and managed media. Soon the news was reporting that DND officials were meeting with the Chief.