Avalon Dental by Focus Communications

Avalon Dental

Client: Avalon Dental

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An established dental office moved from its familiar south Edmonton location to an industrial area. Shortly afterwards, it put the business up for sale.

The new owner, Avalon Dental, approached Focus Communications.

Dentistry is an essential part of most neighbourhoods. Much like the corner store, the dental office serves the kids and families who live nearby. Avalon faced a unique challenge: how do you grow a dental business in an industrial area?

We partnered with Avalon Dental to bring awareness to their brand and stimulate business.  Along the roadways in and out of the area, billboards created and reinforced brand recognition. Google ads reminded web users about the unique services. Lunchtime barbecues shared the message to workers in the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, we worked to position the business as a destination office. Customers, who wanted easy parking, evening and weekend hours, and specialty services, didn’t mind driving a few minutes off the Whitemud for a quality dental experience.