Meagan Brooks

Communications Advisor

"I’ll be able to say I was part of that train."

Meagan can sing the opening song to Grease, The Musical, and do the 1950s jive. Every year for the last 10 years, she has dragged her father to Edmonton’s Freewill Shakespeare Festival for an evening of Hamlet or Twelfth Night.

A former high school drama student, she might have become an actress, but instead studied English and Communications at MacEwan University.

“I started an Arts degree, majoring in English and comp lit and read things like Gilgamesh and the Iliad,” she says.  “Then I found out about the Communications degree.” In Communications, Meagan’s courses included rhetoric, speech writing, and corporate narrative.

Towards the end of her degree, she became a career adviser.

“I loved that job. Getting to talk to people, work on their résumés, get them jobs, things like that.”

The role involved staging career fairs and orientation events. Meagan’s background in theatre and performance made events a natural fit. She decided to work in ad agency where she could do events and PR.

“I was on a student contract and was about to graduate,” she says. “It was three days before the job ended, and I was panicking. I made a list of agencies I thought were interesting. Focus was on the list. At four o’clock on a Friday, I called Sue and she answered. She invited me in for an interview, and I got the job.”

Meagan handles the one-on-one stakeholder engagement for the Valley Line Southeast construction.

“I like being the person they call when they need help,” she says about the calls she gets every day from residents inconvenienced by the construction. “I like solving their problems and helping people out.” She has walked up and down streets, knocking on doors, telling people about the construction and how it might affect them.

She likes that residents get to talk directly with her and don’t get the voicemail runaround.

Meagan also organizes Santa’s Parade of Lights, which is a big show that thrills a lot of Edmonton children every November. Meagan reaches out to sponsors, recruits the entries, and manages the logistics.

When she entered MacEwan, she imagined herself becoming a writer. With time, however, her love of the stage—and events—has taken over.

“Some people don’t like the stress of events, but I thrive,” she says, adding that she’s also proud to be part of a legacy.

“The Valley Line LRT is going to be a huge part of Edmonton. It’s brand new and will shape our transportation in Edmonton. I’ll be able to say I was part of that.”