Caley Sovdi

Content Associate

“I enjoy being part of the creative process and watching new ideas come to life.”

The alt rock station in Caley’s hometown was the soundtrack to her youth.

“I grew up in the middle of nowhere,” she says about Quesnel B.C. and neighbouring Wells—population 250. “The radio became a way to place hold events. This song was at the top of the charts when I was here. That one when I was there.”

When she was 23, Caley enrolled in a three-month broadcasting program at NAIT in Edmonton. She loved listening to music but wanted to try her hand at programming and directing. Next came an intensive, one-year program at VanArts, the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts. She worked two jobs—one for Lush Cosmetics and a second with an apartment leasing company—while studying full time at VanArts.

The program simulated radio and TV production. The radio station would be country one month, rock the next. Each station needed to be rebranded with every rotation. The television component involved research, writing, filming and conducting interviews.

But there was a third part: online and social media. Although radio had always kept Caley company, at VanArts, she began developing new loyalties.

“I’ll always have a soft spot for radio and television,” she says, “but online media is the way to go – it’s more reactive and transparent.”

After graduation, Caley stayed in Vancouver for another six months, before returning to Edmonton. She worked with marketing agencies in different roles and then spent time traveling in Central America and the United States. Back in Edmonton, she earned Google Ad certifications before returning to Focus as a Content Associate—writing blogs, creating digital strategies and launching marketing campaigns.

About her role at Focus, she says, “I enjoy being part of the creative process and watching new ideas come to life.”